Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Boost Business Performance With Team Building Activities

10:37 PM

Dubai is truly an entertainment hub that will spoil you with exciting options to talk about and have a fun time. The extravagant malls, hotels, stunning rooftop infinity pools, thrilling adventure parks, and indoor activity centers offer unlimited entertainment options to the people living in the city. Summers is when it is in its prime, and frankly, what could be a better time to enjoy some quality time outside the office cubicles with your office mates and colleagues?

Why Is Team Building Essential?
Working together in a team and not knowing each other well is probably the most common regret of working people. You might spend 8-10 hours of your day, five times a week with your teammates, and yet not know much about them. So, why not try and get to know your teammates a bit better and bond with them through some exciting team building activities?
Studies have shown that team building games and activities boost the morale of team members, improve effective communication, and build trust among different members. This results in an improvement in the overall business performance of an organization. Companies are now encouraging corporate team building activities to improve team performance and meet business goals. Best Team Building Activities in Dubai.
If you too are seeking great team-building experience in Dubai, then you can check out Jumble, an indoor adventure park offering tons of customized team building activities. Don't mistake it for an escape room. Jumble provides much more. It compels you to use your mental and physical skills to make the most out their 16 thrilling Jumbles. Each Jumble has 2-6 challenging rooms that you need to solve with your teammates.
Looking for a crazy and exhilarating experience that you don't get to experience in your daily work life usually? Head to Jumble. Designed to foster special team bonding to bring out the best in your team, Jumble offers a unique and fun team building experience for corporates in Dubai. It focuses on increasing collaboration, motivation and breaking the ice among employees. It also encourages healthy competition among teams. Here, you and your teammates can crawl through tunnels, climb monkey-bars, call the fire station, fight zombies, do the chicken dance, and much more. You can strategize, jump around, shout at the top of your voice, dance like crazy, and try all your crazy skills to solve all the challenges. On average, each team plays for 3 hours a day.

How to Play at Jumble?

1. Book your team activity with a minimum of 15 players in a team by filling our booking form on or contact Take advantage of corporate team packages and contact us to get them customized.
2. Arrive at least 15 minutes early.
3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
4. Get your individual RFID wristband to register and play.
5. Get briefed by a Jumble professional on how to play the game.
6. Get access to 16 Jumbles with 2-6 rooms for each Jumble. Solve them with your team in any order you like.
7. Also, get access to your private event hall for food & beverages or team workshops if any.
8. Each solved Jumble earns you and your team a medal in the scoreboard.
9. Leave with unforgettable memories and fostered friendships with colleagues beyond the office.
Jumble can accommodate more than 200 members at a time. So, if you are looking to do a large corporate team building in your organization- Jumble is the place to be.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Make Your Birthday an Adventure Party for You and Your Friends

4:44 AM
 Dubai is a city of extravagance. People come here for the luxury, grandiose, and over-the-top experience that are synonymous with the place, making it a favourite haunt of party-goers. But, what happens when you think you do not have a big budget to party in such a location. Fret not, for we have an answer to your question. What if we tell you that you could have the best birthday possible inside an indoor adventure park - fight zombies, decode puzzles, crawl through tunnels and a lot more - all under your budget? Amazing, right? Read on to know more about it and get an exclusive offer for your birthday party.

Jumble is an indoor adventure park in Dubai that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for gamers and adventure lovers. It has 16 extremely fun Jumbles and every Jumble has 2-6 challenging rooms that you have to solve.
These Jumbles have been created to make the whole experience fun and challenging for players. Some are physically encouraging while others are mentally stimulating. There are multiple challenges which means that you have levels after levels in every game. Players have to win each level to go on to the next and failure means that they will have to start all over again.
You and your team have absolute control over deciding which Jumbles you want to undertake and in which order you want to go at them for. You can go for Jumbles that are either mentally or physically challenging or both. These exciting challenges include crawling through tunnels, climbing monkey bars, fighting zombies, doing the chicken dance, and so much more!
What’s even more fun is that you don’t know which challenge is going to come up next and it’s always a surprise for you and your teammates. You never know what to expect, but we can tell you that it will be an unforgettably great birthday!
We have some great birthday package offers in Dubai at Jumble right now. Make sure to grab them before they’re over! This birthday, gift not just yourself but your family and friends an amazing party and celebration like never before. Jumble gives you a chance to have an unconventional birthday where everyone can take part and make memories together.
We assure you that this will be something that you and your teammates will remember for years to come. The holistic gaming experience has been planned to provide a playground for adults and kids alike, where they can exercise their bodies and as minds to get to the finish line. Here, winning doesn’t matter but having fun does.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Indoor Activities for Children with a Blend of Fun and Creativity

3:53 AM
A school trip or excursion is executed outside the school environment to help children improve their knowledge by observing and experiencing new things. Science museums and national parks are common places to visit on school trips. However, the idea of learning and development has undergone a profound change in the past couple of years and has given rise to the concept of "edutainment." The term is derived from the combination of two words: education and entertainment.
Edutainment experience for kids can prove very beneficial in developing necessary skills in them through new experiences. Children are fast learners, and their learning process speeds up when they are exposed to exciting activities. Within the four walls of a school, it can be challenging to blend education and entertainment, but events like school trips and school picnics are ideal for offering these children a fresh new perspective to education by helping them develop cognitive and social skills.
If you reside in Dubai, then you need to check out the indoor activities for children offered by Jumble. It is an indoor adventure park that offers exciting challenges that need to be solved in teams by using mental and physical skills. Every challenge offered by Jumble is unique and refreshing. It will allow plenty of opportunities for students to bond with each other, brainstorm for possible solutions and also put in some physical effort to complete them.
This mind-blowing edutainment experience for kids is a much-needed break from the usual excursion spots in the city. The activities encourage children to interact with each other and develop trust in each other and also build their curiosity and self-confidence. That's not all, along with developing skills, there's a lot of fun and laughter. Making ways through tunnels, fighting zombies, and escaping with the help of a fire station are new experiences that kids can partake in here.
Jumble indoor activities for children is ideal for students aged ten and above. With more than 200 activities on a plate, there's hardly a dull moment for anyone at Jumble. The fun doesn't stop here; when you book Jumble for a school trip or excursion, you can avail delicious food and beverage services, get a private hall where you can gather the school kids for any announcements, get them cool merchandise and arrange surprise goody bags for them.
Jumble's edutainment experience for kids in Dubai is one-of-a-kind experience that's changing the perception of indoor activities for children. While indoor activities are often considered unhealthy and unproductive for children, the activities offered by Jumble proves otherwise. The challenges offered by them are set in a safe and secure environment where kids can enjoy them as much as adults (yes, adults can enjoy these activities as well). Indoor challenges like these will enhance the problem-solving abilities of school children and help them grow in a very positive and collaborative environment. Contact Jumble on or fill the booking form on to book a school trip at Jumble and give them the opportunity to learn while having fun.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Say Goodbye to Escape Rooms and Say Hello to the Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park in Dubai

3:11 AM
Dubai is often referred to as the jewel of the desert. With jaw-dropping skylines, a vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, fascinating culture, and delicious food, it's no wonder that tourists flock to the city in droves. It has a lot to offer, and some of the main attractions are its amusement parks, malls, and indoor games facilities.
One of the biggest indoor games trends here in recent years has been escape rooms. They have been popular among expats and locals which attempt to scare and thrill people by playing on the fear factor. While it's definitely a rush, escape rooms are hardly ideal for those who want to have a good time without being absolutely terrified while they're at it.
So, what's a better option than the escape room experience? Well, Dubai has a unique proposition for the adventure enthusiast in you. Conveniently located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumble is the new premier destination for adventure seekers who are looking for more nuanced challenges than jump scares and eerie haunted houses. It is an indoor adventure park that offers a variety of complex physical and mental challenges that will test your mind, body, and overall endurance.
The adventure park has 16 exhilarating Jumbles and Jumble escape rooms, and each Jumble has two or six rooms inside that brings the grand total of unique, exhilarating challenges up to more than 200! All the challenges require you to use your wits to the maximum and strategize your way out of a complex situation, so that the activity becomes more about teamwork, intelligence, and quick-thinking than just running past ghosts and jumping over obstacles.

Why Escape When You Can Embrace the Challenge

The best part about Jumble is that it's equally immersive for anyone above the age of 10. Although children aged 10 and 11 are required to be accompanied by adults, anyone above that age can try out the Jumbles alone, without any fear of bodily harm or accidents. All you need is a team of three to six players and you're all set for this thrilling ride!
If you're worried about how difficult the puzzles and obstacles are going to be, then don't worry. Fifteen minutes before you start your session, trained professionals in Jumble will take you through a briefing session so that you know exactly what you can expect.

The variety of challenges and unique nature of Jumble make it a great place for people to strengthen bonds and really embrace the spirit of collaboration. It's not a fast thrill, but rather one that slowly builds on you and leaves you glowing with pride once you've overcome it. This makes it ideal for a variety of people, right from school kids who are looking for a fun day out to corporates that want to build stronger bonds between their teams.
So, what are you waiting for? Visit Jumble today and find something above and beyond your average Escape Room.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Celebrate the Birthday Party in Dubai at Jumble

12:53 AM
Your birthday deserves all the hype, and you need some serious pampering, no matter what age group you belong to. While birthdays come every year, planning or organizing the elaborate celebration can be pretty stressful. Dubai sure offers you plenty of options to spend your special day, but why not spend it with a dash of adventure? Jumble presents you a ready-made and stress-free solution and the most innovative way to celebrate your birthday party in Dubai. A first of its kind indoor adventure park, it is guaranteed to turn your boring birthday parties into the most happening event of the year. Here are ten ultimate ways how Jumble can rock your birthday celebration party:

Escape Escape-Rooms

Escape rooms are so pass. Are you not tired of half-baked clues and easy to solve mysteries? Jumble has 16 physically and mentally exhilarating Jumbles, and each Jumble has 2-6 challenging rooms that you and your team would love to solve.

Brain Ticklers?

Crazy challenges that will make you crawl through tunnels, call the fire-station, climb monkey bars, fight zombies, do the chicken dance, and more! Expect hours of insane moments that will tickle your brains, test your physical skills, and create evergreen memories.

Challenges Accepted

When was the last time you enjoyed challenges? Well, with Jumble's Jumbles, you can overcome challenges in a quirky way. These are especially designed to simulate your reasoning and logical capabilities. Moreover, their eccentric nature will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. With over 200 challenges, rule your birthday by making a choice.

On Track

While all the excitement may wash over the finer elements of safety and solving challenges like a pro, do not worry. Our professionals are always available for you to explain to you the basics of solving Jumbles. Knee-pads are also provided for safe crawling and climbing. Moreover, a faithful scoreboard will keep track of all the medals you have won so far.

My Squad Is Better Than Yours

What is a birthday celebration without friends and family? You are never too old to be celebrating your birthday all by yourself. If you are 10+ years old, bring your people together on this joy ride and book your team adventure today. We don't like bragging, but teams play up to 3 hours a day.

Age-Cuse Me?

Whether you are 10 or 50+, we do not want you to hold yourself back. Create special memories with your loved ones irrespective of age groups. Experience the most vivacious birthday party venue in Dubai with Jumble. Treat your family, friends, relatives, or even office peers with energizing adventures.

The Whole Deal

Being a parent or an individual trying to balance work and life, and planning and executing a birthday party can be a herculean task. Why look somewhere else when we provide you with options of event planners, private halls, free parking, and a whopping capacity of 150+ players.

Best Birthday Gifts Come in Packages

Whether you want an elaborate birthday bash or wish to keep it simple, we offer both premium and VIP packages. With such neatly designed packages, you wouldn't have to think twice before jumping onto the adventure train at Jumble.

Hungry for More

After a long day of physical activities and fun, who doesn't love a wholesome meal? Enjoy delicious food and beverage from the finest French bakery at Jumble. With the best selection of food and beverage, end your birthday on a high note by cutting your birthday cake here.

Goodbye Goodies

You would imagine the end of the perfect birthday is the cake ceremony. Hold on; we have more! While your friends have gifted you the perfect gifts, Jumble has pre-designed goodie bags for everyone to take home. Both you and your friends will remember this day for the rest of your lives.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Get the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush at this Indoor Adventure Park in Dubai

5:37 AM

Enjoy a Thrilling Indoor Adventure in Dubai at Jumble

Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Middle East, and for good reason too! From the world's tallest buildings to beaches, pools, brunches, parties and everything in between, Dubai has everything to offer tourists who want to enjoy an amazing vacation.
Another popular leisure activity these days is visiting escape rooms and adventure parks. And Dubai is well-stocked in this department as well. Are you looking for fun mental and physical challenges that will excite you and your buddies? Then Jumble is one of the best destinations for adventure games in Dubai.
Some of the adventures that we've always dreamed of having involve climbing the highest mountains, sliding down the most pristine of rivers or making our way through the most challenging obstacle course. Well Jumble turns those dreams into a reality, and that too in an indoor setting, which is completely safe and secure.
Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumble offers a variety of indoor games and challenges that make sure that you have a fun-filled day with your friends and loved ones. It has over 200 challenging scenarios that will test your wits and fitness.
Some of the best things in life come as a surprise, so we won't give away too many details about the tasks that you will face. Just know that they will involve a lot of teamwork, strategy, balancing, crawling, climbing, craziness, and fun.

What You Need to Do

All you need to do is book your team adventure. But keep in mind that you need a minimum of three to six people to really enjoy the adventure. Once you get to the Jumble indoor adventure park, you'll be given a RFID wristband to register, play and track your progress.
Before the fun begins though, there will be a briefing session conducted by Jumble professionals to show you how to go about solving the puzzles and advancing in the game. After that, it's showtime! You have 16 perplexing Jumbles to choose from, each with two to six rooms inside, making it even more fun than a single adventure park.

Who can Jumble?

All of Jumble's games and activities are well-suited for anyone above the age of 10. However, kids who are 10 or 11-years-old need to be accompanied by an adult just to ensure that the little tykes don't get too overwhelmed.
It doesn't matter whether you're in school or if you have a child who is in school, the adventures are packed with enough excitement and challenges for any age group. The only requisite is that you are fond of adventure  that require out-of-the-box solutions. And even if you're not, there's no shame in trying!
It's not just tourists that can enjoy these adventure challenges in Dubai. It's a great team-building exercise for both schools and corporates, that will strengthen the bond between team members. Visit the website to know more.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Jumble Offers Adventure Challenges in Dubai

1:40 AM

Jumble has many physically energizing programs like Brain Games, Mind Games, crawling and climbing. The secret to solving some of the physical challenges is not high stamina but great team work and pro activeness. It’s all about challenging yourself to the ultimate test. If you’re not in fitness trend, you can choose to go the brain game way. At Jumble, the physical challenges are super energizing.

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