5 Cool places for birthday parties in Dubai

Birthdays are a time of festivities and celebrations! Every year, upon arrival, each one of us wants lots of gifts and go all the way with a crazy and fun celebration. If you want to be praised for hosting the best birthday party, you must choose a cool place. Here are the best Dubaibirthday party deals for you to make your birthday a memorable one! Just Play For the young and free daredevils out there, Just Play is the perfect party venue. Your party can be planned around unique themes like trampolines, Ninja Warrior, gymnastics, wrestling, and football. Choose your party sports and room and get 2 hours of unending excitement. A qualified coach ensures that the party goes on smoothly. This sports venue also provides a delightful birthday cake and an attractive goody bag for all guests. Flip Out The largest trampoline park in all of Dubai is the perfect place for little kiddies who like bouncing around! The 200+ interconnected trampolines, foam pits, obstacles, and an archery tag facility…

DIY Indoor And Outdoor Games For Friends And Family

Edutainment is the new method of learning in an entertaining style which makes the otherwise dull teaching methods fun and exuberant. As the traditional classroom experience is boring for many kids, parents and teachers are on the lookout to facilitate more interactive and playful methods to educate their kids. This can be achieved by camouflaging the textbook learning materials with indoor and outdoor games to enhance the grasping power of kids without creating unnecessary pressure on them.  Below are some cool DIY indoor and outdoor games that are exciting and at the same time mentally simulating for kids aged 12 and above.
Obstacle Adventure Race
Kids are enamoured by adventure, and there is no better way to engage them than to let them compete with some real obstacles. The only requirement over here is to create a terrain having some natural obstacles such as a muddy pool or a low climbing wall. This a great edutainment experience for kids where they learn to face hardships while co…

How An Indoor Adventure Park In Dubai Can Help You Make The Best Of The Winter Holidays

Winter is Dubai's favorite s. The weather can often be too cold for the outdoors to be comfortable, and people get stuck indoors for days on end, succumbing to melancholy and cabin fever.  But you know what? It doesn't have to be that way! If recreation and rejuvenation with friends and family are what you're looking for this winter, then a visit to Jumble, the best Indoor Adventure Park In Dubai, is just what you need. Why Visit the Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park this Winter?

The Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park can provide you with the rejuvenating vacation you need to get over the winter blues and regain your high spirits. It will also allow you to spend some quality time with your friends, family, and loved ones.  After all, spending some time bonding with your family and friends is perhaps the best way to regain a sense of joy and contentment.  Jumble is the perfect venue for such family bonding because it requires you to create teams of 3 to 6 players in order to participat…

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

We know how health-conscious and physically active you are. No doubt, your exercise regimen and workout mean a lot to you. But traditional exercise has its pitfalls. Fitness and health don't come easy - maintaining a workout routine requires discipline and diligence. So, naturally, there are days when you don't feel like doing any rigorous gym training. You just want to do something fun, like play. If only you could exercise your body and also have a good time!  Luckily for you, Jumble is the answer to your workout troubles! Jumble Is An Indoor Adventure Park In Dubai that makes workouts fun by turning it into a game.
Welcome to Jumble Indoor Adventure Park! For the first time, Jumble brings you a unique type of indoor Adventure Challenge In Dubai that is unbelievably fun.  There are a total of sixteen exhilarating and mentally and physically challenging Jumbles. Each Jumble has challenging rooms that your team has to solve. Once you complete the first challenge, you move onto the n…

Rekindle Your Childhood at an Indoor Adventure Park in Dubai

In today’s frantic world, having fun has become a rare occasion, especially for an adult. As we grow up, the pressure of work and commitments becomes so heavy that we never seem to catch a break. There used to be a time when having fun meant playing outdoors, but now it is mostly associated with watching your favorite TV shows. It is undoubtedly all true when you look at a fast-paced city such as Dubai. This deficiency of outdoor exhilaration not only heavily costs us, but also hinders our productivity. Spending a reasonable amount of time playing is a guaranteed way to rejuvenate your creativity, imagination, emotional, and physical state alongside problem-solving skills. However, with increasing industrialization and pollution, you can have second thoughts about spending your time playing outside. Well, fortunately, there are numerous Indoor Adventure Parks In Dubaiyou can avail of to spend some quality time. Even a fast-paced metropolitan like Dubai packs some of the ultimate indoor …

10 Amazing Indoor And Outdoor Winter Activities For Adults

Are you tired of your bored, monotonous life? Do you wish to do something fun with your friends and family for a change as you take a break from the busy schedule of your planned life? Go through this comprehensive list of activities you may indulge in to make the best out of Your Holidays In Dubai.

If you have read Arabian nights, you must be wondering what life is like in the Arabian emirates under the starry skies with desert sand trickling under your feet. As the air from the Dubai camping site fills your lungs, childhood tales will fill your mind with nostalgic memories. The smell of hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows by the open fire will liven up the night with stories, as you stay awake the entire night making new friends. 
Snowboarders will be surprised to know that Dubai has indoor facilities with slopes for snow-skiing. Moreover, you can also try a variant - sand-skiing! Don't miss it for the world. It will be an experience of a lifetime. 

Jumble - A New World Of Fun And Adventures In Dubai

Time spent with friends is the best. No matter how much you grow up, you'll always cherish the time spent with friends. There's so much one can do when they are with like-minded people who love their company. Whether you are at school or have a 9-5 job, there are days where you'll need your friends with you and have a stress free time together.  If you’re planningto have meetup soon, you can check out the ultimate indoor adventure park in Dubai, called Jumble. This place is one of a kind Adventure Park In UAE, with never seen before activities and almost surreal experiences. If you frequently meet your friends in a restaurant, this can be a much-needed change to your usual meet up.

With its 16 exciting jumbles and 2-6 challenges in each of them, Jumble offers a physically energizing and mind-boggling experience to remember forever. If you are above 12 years of age, you can come in for the endless fun and amusement at Jumble. The venue can accommodate more than 200 people at …